Virtual Continuity Clinics: A Hybrid Approach to Longitudinal Patient-Dermatologist Relationships in the Wake of COVID-19

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Alexander Jafari
Andrea Murina


teledermatology, continuity of care, graduate medical education, residency, health care access, longitudinal care, COVID-19, health care delivery


The COVID-19 crisis has altered the delivery of healthcare due to the rapid utilization of telemedicine.  Dermatology residency programs may benefit from the use of teledermatology for the purposes of establishing and maintaining continuity over a three-year training program.  We examine the current evidence on the effect of continuity on patient and resident satisfaction and elaborate on how teledermatology can help to overcome some of the barriers to longitudinal care.  Integrating teledermatology into a continuity clinic allows resident physicians to check-in more frequently with patients and provide medication monitoring.  We offer suggestions on how programs can integrate teledermatology into a virtual continuity clinic for residents.


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