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Current Issue

Vol. 6 No. 4 (2022): July 2022 Issue

Published: 2022-07-07

Clinical Management Recommendations

In-Depth Reviews

Contrasting between Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis in the Quality of Life Impact and the Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders

Mimi Chung, Marwa Hakimi, Samuel Yeroushalmi, Erin Bartholomew, John Koo

Page 286-294


Original Research

Margin Status Predicts Outcome in Patients with Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Scalp: The Westmead Hospital Experience

Rajith Mendis, Gary Morgan, Muzib Abdul-Razak, Eva Wong, Julie Howle, Val Gebski, Michael Veness

Page 295-303


Research Letters

Interviewing Dermatology Applicants in a Virtual Setting: A Perspective after 2020-2021 Match

Sydney A Weir BS, Reagan Hattaway BS, Nikhi Singh BS, Timothy King MD PhD, Lauren C.S. Kole MD

Page 304-306

Brief Articles

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Successfully Treated with Halobetasol 0.01% and Tazarotene 0.045% Lotion

Olga Marushchak, Kathryn Jayne Tan, Maria Rosa Noliza Encarnacion, Loren Clark, Alexandra Golant

Page 311-314

Late Onset Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa in Adulthood

Evonne Pei, Sakeena Fatima, Ari Konheim, Kory P Schrom

Page 315-317

Tophaceous Gout on Ear Imitating Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Faraz Yousefian, DO, Liliana Espinoza, BS, Sarah Berger, PA-C, Sandra Osswald, MD, FAAD, Frank C. Petr, MD, FAAD

Page 321-323

Potential Neurologic Side Effects of Oral Isotretinoin: A Case of Peripheral Neuropathy

Fahad S. Siddiqui, Benjamin M. Witkoff, Brad Glick

Page 336-338

Short Communications

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patients in Dermatology: A Call to Action

Anuk Burli, Kathryn Somers, Jason E. Rotoli

Page 339-340

Clinicopathologic Correlation: Differentiating Between Localized Lichen Myxedematosus and Scleromyxedema

Kamran K. Harper, MD, Lauryn M. Falcone, MD, PhD, Kevin T. Savage, MD, Alaina J. James, MD, PhD

Page 341-342

Preference Signaling in the Dermatology Residency Match

McKenzie Dirr, Nicholas Brownstone, Darrell Rigel

Page 343-344

SKINmages: Clinical Images in Dermatology

Median Raphe Cyst

Susie Min, Sweta Subhadarshani, Pooja Sharma , Priyesh Thakran

Page 345-347

Diagnostic Challenges of Hypertrophic Lupus Erythematosus

Natalie Garcia, Dr. Callie Hill, Victoria Jiminez, Dr. Carlton Blake Phillips

Page 348-350

An Unusual Clinical Presentation of Cutaneous Syphilis

Tue Nguyen, Anaya Shah, Bahar Momin, Marie Vu, John Browning, MD

Page 351-353

Hypopigmented Patches on the Trunk of a 25-year-old Hispanic Male

McKenzie Dirr, Nicholas Brownstone, Darrell Rigel

Page 354-356

Poster Presentations from FC PANP 22 Dermatology Conference®: Psoriasis

Deucravacitinib, an oral, selective tyrosine kinase 2 inhibitor, versus placebo in scalp, nail, and palmoplantar psoriasis: subset analyses of the phase 3 POETYK PSO-1 and PSO-2 trials

Andrew Blauvelt, Phoebe Rich, Howard Sofen, Jo Lambert, Joe Merola, Mark Lebwohl, Lauren Hippeli, Renata Kisa, Subhashis Banerjee, Alexa Kimball

Page s41

Acne & Rosacea

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