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Current Issue

Vol. 8 No. 3 (2024): May 2024 Issue

Published: 2024-05-13

Clinical Management Recommendations

The Role of Field Cancerization in Selecting Therapies for Actinic Keratosis: An Expert Consensus Panel

Danny Zakria, Milaan Shah, Joshua Burshtein, Brian Berman, Neal Bhatia, Roger Ceilley, Aaron Farberg, Mark Lebwohl, Dawn Merritt, Keyvan Nouri, Linda Stein Gold, Darrell Rigel

Page 1478-1487


Application of Lean Six Sigma in Dermatology Practice

Kaycee Nguyen, Parneet Dhaliwal, DO, Clay J. Cockerell MD, MBA, JD

Page 1488-1499

In-Depth Reviews

A Review of Therapeutic Options for Linear Porokeratosis

Kritin K. Verma, Mojahed M. K. Shalabi, Aubrey C. Hartmann, Daniel P. Friedmann

Page 1500-1505

Acquired Congenital Malalignment of the Great Toenails: A Case Series

Hannah Porter, Rachael Chacko, Rebecca Lapides, Matthew Davis, Julia Barker, Joseph Pierson, Shane Chapman

Page 1506-1514

Research Letters


Brief Articles

Real-World Performance of a Noninvasive Cutaneous Melanoma Rule-Out Test: A Multicenter U.S. Registry Study

Mark Kaufmann, Maral Skelsey, Laura Ferris, Michael Walker, Andrew Rigby, Burkhard Jansen, Loren Clarke

Page 1528-1531

Unusual Presentation of Marginal Zone Lymphoma

Akash Rau, Anne Opalikhin, Kaitlin Kreuser, Richard Ashack, Kurt Ashack

Page 1532-1536

Identifying a Case of an Atenolol-induced Papulosquamous Eruption

Daniel Fischer, Joseph Gofman, Graham Litchman, Sourab Choudhury

Page 1537-1541

Incontinentia Pigmenti In a Female Infant: A Case Report

Rebecca Lapides, Hannah Porter, Deborah Cook, Keith Morley

Page 1542-1547

Chronic Nonbacterial Osteomyelitis, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and SAPHO Syndrome

Sonia Wang, Sarah Bayefsky, Alexandra Coromilas, Kathryn Whitaker, Roman Bronfenbrener, Misha Rosenbach, Leo Wang

Page 1548-1553

Eruptive Epidermal Inclusion Cysts in a Renal Transplant Patient on Tacrolimus

Meredith Burns, Hoang Ho-Pham, Lauren Kole

Page 1554-1557

Epithelioid Angiosarcoma: A Diagnostic Dilemma with Clinically and Histopathologically Overlapping Features

Jessica Forbes Kaprive, DO, Romsin Zaya, BS, Alexandra Loperfito, BA, Craig Garofola, DO

Page 1558-1563

Primary Cutaneous Apocrine Carcinoma: Diagnostic and Management Difficulties of an Uncommon Neoplasm

Mounia Sidki, Maryem Aboudourib , Maryam El Ouazzani , Anass Belbachir , Hanane Rais , Yassine Benchamkha , Ouafa Hocar , Said Amal

Page 1590-1594

Sealing the Deal: Embracing Hydrocolloid Dressings for Post Procedure Dermatologic Care

Justin W Marson, Rebecca M. Chen, Michelle Schwartz, Daniel M. Siegel

Page 1599-1602

Lymphocytoma Cutis - A Case Report

Grace Hingtgen, Rafael Mojica, Douglas Robins

Page 1603-1608

Short Communications

Scratching the Surface: A Paraneoplastic Pruritus Phenomenon in a Mediastinal Mass

Devine Thomas, Yousef Salem, Naser Asfoor, Mohamad Jabin, Mojahed Shalabi, Stephen Baker, Shovendra Gautam

Page 1609-1611

Dermatologic History

Uncle Charlie: Dennie-Morgan Lines

Domenica Del Pozo

Page 1612-1613

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