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Current Issue

Vol. 7 No. 5 (2023): September 2023 Issue

Published: 2023-09-15

In-Depth Reviews

Combination Treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Niyaz Mostafa, Kevin Phan , Anousha Yazdabadi

Page 962-975

Original Research

Medical Education in Dermatology

Improving Medical Student Confidence Performing Skin Biopsies Through an Interactive Workshop

Tue Nguyen, Bahar Momin, Anaya Shah, Pavela Bambekova, John Browning, Robert Gilson

Page 996-1000

Research Letters

Alternative Vismodegib Dosing Regimen for Patients with Basal Cell Carcinoma

Timothy Jay Orlowski, Callie Hill, Natalie Garcia, Victoria Jiminez, Carlton Phillips

Page 1001-1004

Brief Articles

Seeing Double: Two Cases of Dermatomyositis Misidentified as Erythema Dyschromicum Perstans

Laura Andrews, Chelsea Shope, Chelsea Eason, Michael Knabel, Dirk Elston

Page 1005-1010

Development of Psoriasis During Treatment with Weekly Dupilumab for Refractory Hailey-Hailey Disease

Laura Ragmanauskaite, Matthew W. McEwen, Emily Jones, Mariantonieta Tirado, Allison Vaughan Jones

Page 1015-1019

Primary Cutaneous Marginal Zone Lymphoma: An Interesting Presentation

Hannah McCowan, Meagan Mandabach Olivet, Hannah Badon

Page 1020-1024

A Rare Presentation of Self-Resolving Purple Fingers

Chelsea Schwartz, Raj Watson, David Cleaver

Page 1025-1029

Alopecia Areata: Hair and Nail Findings in a Patient Undergoing Talquetamab Therapy for Multiple Myeloma

Victoria Jiminez, Andrew Fortugno, Ayodele Adelanwa, Carly Elston, Boni Elewski

Page 1043-1046

Mycosis Fungoides Masquerading as Acrodermatitis Continua of Hallopeau

Lily Parker, Lynn Nguyen, Dr. Kerry Hennessy, MD, Dr. Nicole Bolick, MD, Dr. Lewis (Frank) Glass, MD, Dr. Lubomir Sokol, MD

Page 1047-1049

Short Communications

Zosteriform Cutaneous Manifestation of Ovarian Adenocarcinoma Metastasis to the Breast

Alyssa Hansen, Victor Teran, Brent Kelly, Michael Wilkerson

Page 1053-1055

Pink, Painful Nodules: A Case of Cutaneous Metastatic Breast Adenocarcinoma

Rachel Elsanadi, Anna-Marie Hosking, Patrick Lee

Page 1056-1058

Coinciding Erythema Nodosum and Sweet’s Syndrome Without an Apparent Secondary Cause

Malvika Ramesh, MD, Pranav Ramesh, Richard Hope, MD

Page 1059-1062

SKINmages: Clinical Images in Dermatology

Hypopigmented Plaques Arising in a Tattoo

Harrison Zhu, Abdul Hafeez Diwan, Vicky Ren

Page 1063-1064

A Case of Systemic Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma with Secondary Cutaneous Involvement

Andie Bulbin, Sarah Stano, Kalliope Kyriakides, Paul Chu, Cindy Hoffman

Page 1065-1066

Evolving Pink Papule in a Young Female

Dr. Rachel Tannenbaum, Dr. Bernice Yan, Dr. Pooja Shah

Page 1070-1072

Compelling Comments

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