Sterile Neutrophilic Folliculitis with Vasculopathy in a Young Male Patient with Infective Endocarditis

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Carl Barrick
Emily Chea
Naeha Gupta
Richard McClain
Steven Purcell


folliculocentric vasculopathy, sterile neutrophilic folliculitis, rare clinical diseases


Sterile neutrophilic folliculitis with vasculopathy is a rare entity histopathologically characterized by neutrophilic or suppurative and granulomatous folliculitis accompanied by a folliculocentric vasculopathy.1 It is described as a cutaneous manifestation of a systemic illness or infectious trigger, and its clinical features vary independently from the underlying medical illness.1 Prompt identification may uncover an underlying systemic disease. Due to the rarity of this clinical entity, there is a paucity of evidence regarding its etiology, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations. We present a case of sterile neutrophilic folliculitis with vasculopathy in a 34-year-old male hospitalized for infective endocarditis.


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