Isotretinoin induced nail fold pyogenic granuloma resolution with combination therapy: A case report and review of the literature

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Jonathan Bellew
Chad Taylor
Jaldeep Daulat
Vernon Mackey


Isotretinoin, Nodulocystic acne, Pyogenic granulomas


Pyogenic granulomas are vascular hyperplasias presenting as red papules, polyps, or nodules on the gingiva, fingers, lips, face and tongue of children and young adults.  Most commonly they are associated with trauma, but systemic retinoids have rarely been implicated as a causative factor in their appearance.  We present a case of spontaneous eruption of multiple pyogenic granulomas of the bilateral periungal fingers in an otherwise healthy adolescent male undergoing isotretinoin therapy for severe nodulocystic acne. These pyogenic granulomas did not resolve spontaneously with discontinuation of isotretinoin, or first line therapeutic modalities. Their resolution did occur with administration of intralesional steroids and ablation with silver nitrate.


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