Comparing Porocarcinoma Outcomes Following Resection by Surgical Management Technique

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Chelsea Shope
Laura Andrews
India Robinson-Pirotte
Jessica Forcucci


Porocarcinoma, skin cancer, Mohs micrographic surgery, wide local excision, surgery, outcomes



Porocarcinoma is a neoplasm of eccrine sweat glands. While wide local excision (WLE) has traditionally been the surgical technique of choice for porocarcinoma resection, the number of cases treated using Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS) is increasing.


We performed a retrospective review of patients diagnosed with porocarcinoma from January 2015 - February 2020. Chi-square and Fisher’s exact test was used to evaluate outcomes.


Twelve patients were evaluated following surgical treatment. WLE recipients were younger, with an equal number of white and black patients. All MMS patients were white (4). Both WLE and MMS were most performed on the head and neck (6 and 3, respectively). Local recurrence rate was 12.5% in the WLE group (vs. 0% for MMS). Mortality rate was 25% for each group.


Prognosis following WLE is poor. Our results suggest that MMS is a useful modality for the surgical treatment of porocarcinoma.


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