A Case of Pseudoverrucous Papules and Nodules in an Adult with Spinal Dysraphism

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Gregory Ugoh
Caroline Crain
Brandon Goodwin


bifida, contact, dermatitis, dubowitz, dysraphism, nodules, papules, pseudoverrucous, spina, syndrome


Pseudoverrucous papules and nodules (PPN) occur in the setting of chronic

irritant contact dermatitis commonly due to urine or feces. PPN most commonly affects

infants but has also been reported in association with urostomies, colostomies, chronic

urinary incontinence, encopresis, chronic fecal incontinence, spinal cord injury, and

potentially spinal dysraphism. Herein, we present the case of a patient with spina bifida in

association with Dubowitz syndrome who presented with perianal PPN. To our

knowledge, there is only one other case reported in the literature of a patient with spina

bifida who presented with PPN.


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