Published: 2017-08-31

In-Depth Reviews

Brief Articles

Positive Nikolsky Sign and Pinpoint “Lakes of Pus”

Christina Y Wong, Steven D Billings, Christine B Warren

Page 86-90

Short Communications

Early-Onset Basal Cell Carcinoma in Young Female Endurance Athletes: A Report of Three Cases

Jonathan J Lee, Emily Dando, Kristin Bibee, Jaroslaw Jedrych, Jonhan Ho, Timothy Patton

Page 104-106

Compelling Comments

The Importance of Recognition of the Skin Cancer Risk of Native Americans: A Call to Action

Ajay Kailas, James A Solomon, Darrell S Rigel, Eliot Mostow, Amy J McMichael, Ellen N Pritchett, Diane Jackson-Richards, Seemal R Desai, Susan C Taylor

Page 107-108