Review of the Prevalence of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Comorbidities of Psoriasis

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Jonathan Ilai Vebman
Alexa Choy
Christopher Yao


psoriasis, comorbidities


Introduction: Psoriasis is a common disease that is linked with several other diseases. Our goals were to analyze and present literature on prevalence of various psoriatic comorbidities, and provide an estimate of what percent of psoriasis patients might have or develop Myocardial/cardiovascular/heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, or metabolic syndrome.

Method: To collect the results, we searched PubMed to identify papers that studied the frequency of the most common comorbidities of psoriasis. We used about 20. The search terms used were the particular comorbidity (or synonyms) and psoriasis. Papers were selected where the prevalence data were listed by percentages of the studied population. Prevalence data from each paper were collected and charted, and then compared. We did not use data that concerned Psoriatic Arthritis. We also recorded outliers, where frequencies did not fit with the other data found.

Results: Results for prevalence of myocardial/cardiovascular/heart disease were mixed, varying by age and severity of disease. There are few papers on prevalence of stroke, but our review suggests risk of stroke increases with severity of psoriasis. The prevalence of diabetes was largely between 10% and 20%. Obesity’s prevalence was mostly between 15% and 30%, while hypertension hovered around 30%, and metabolic syndrome prevalence was mostly between 27% and 50%.

Conclusions: There are many comorbidities of psoriasis. The complex interaction between cutaneous inflammation and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome raises many questions about cause and effect or simple association.


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