Successful Treatment of Generalized Pustular Psoriasis of Pregnancy with Oral Cyclosporine

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Hamid Khederlou
Zahra Najmi
Narges Mohammadi
Shahla Atrak
Nader Ghaffari


Pregnancy, Pustular Psoriasis, Cyclosporine


Generalized pustular psoriasis of pregnancy (GPPP) is a rare dermatosis that usually occurs during the third trimester of pregnancy. The diagnosis is primarily clinical, confirmed by laboratory investigations and histopathological typical findings. Here we report, a 26-year-old, gravida one woman, in 37 weeks of pregnancy, presenting with extensive erythematous, pruritic plaques with peripheral scaling and pustules. Patient was induced at 37+4 weeks and delivered a healthy 2900g male infant. GPPP was eventually controlled with oral cyclosporine. 



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