Optimizing Medical Student Dermatology Education with the American Academy of Dermatology’s Basic Dermatology Curriculum

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Paul A Regan
Joslyn Sciacca Kirby


medical student, dermatology education, dermatology clerkship, basic dermatology curriculum, online modules


Skin disorders are among the most common complaints in primary care settings, yet dermatology is often underrepresented in medical school curricula. Lecture time during the preclinical years is limited, and clinical dermatology rotations are rarely mandatory. Therefore, dermatology learning during medical school must be efficient and effective. The American Academy of Dermatology’s Basic Dermatology Curriculum is a set of peer-reviewed, online learning modules that serve as an introductory educational resource for medical students to learn about skin disease. Several studies have demonstrated positive effects of the modules in dermatology instruction, and the use of the modules in medical school curricula has been strongly supported by students. Dermatology educators should consider incorporating the Basic Dermatology Curriculum modules into preclinical and clinical medical student dermatology education.


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