Review of Instructive Cases from the Zola Cooper and Lee T. Nesbitt Seminar

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Etan Marks
Leah Persad
Clay Cockerell



Histopathological examination is considered to be the gold standard for diagnosis. However, research has shown that clinical correlation with pathological examination is crucial for the appropriate diagnosis. This is especially true in dermatology/dermatopathology where several entities can appear similar under the microscope, but are vastly different with their clinical presentation and vice versa. With this in mind, we mention the Zola Cooper- Lee T. Nesbitt Seminar that was established in 1954 and is the longest free standing clinical-pathologic conference still in existence. The purpose of the seminar is to serve as an educational conference designed to promote continuous excellence in the field of clinical dermatology and dermatopathology. Herein, we present six cases that were presented at the conference which highlight the importance of the clinical-pathological correlation in the practice of dermatology.

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