Progressive and Sustained Disease Control in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis (AD) Aged 12–17 Years Treated with Tralokinumab for 52 Weeks

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Andreas Wollenberg
Michael Cork
Chih-Ho Hong
Azra Kurbasic
Emilia Vacko
Amy Paller


Tralokinumab, Atopic dermatitis, Patient Reported Outcomes


Introduction: The ECZTRA 6 trial showed that tralokinumab 300mg provided progressive and sustained efficacy in adolescent patients with moderate-to-severe AD, and was well tolerated with a reassuring long-term safety profile over 52 weeks.

Objective: To evaluate EASI response and PROs in adolescents from ECZTRA 6 treated with tralokinumab 300mg for the full 52-week treatment period.

Methods: Patients were randomized to tralokinumab 300mg Q2W (n=97) or placebo (n=94) for 16 weeks. At Week 16, patients initiated on tralokinumab and achieving primary endpoints (IGA 0/1 and/or EASI-75) without rescue were re-randomized to tralokinumab 300mg Q2/4W monotherapy for 36 additional weeks; other patients were switched to open-label tralokinumab 300mg Q2W plus optional topical corticosteroids. Post-hoc analyses were conducted by pooling Week 16–52 data for all patients initially randomized to tralokinumab 300mg Q2W.

 Results: Greater proportions of tralokinumab- vs placebo-treated patients achieved primary endpoints at Week 16; progressive improvement was seen through Week 52. In addition, pruritus NRS score was improved for a greater proportion of tralokinumab- vs placebo-treated patients from baseline to Week 16, with further improvement up to Week 52. Progressive improvements over time were also observed for proportions of patients with reductions of pruritus NRS ≥4, POEM ≥4, and CDLQI ≥6, from baseline.  The safety profile was consistent with prolonged treatment following Week 16.

 Conclusions: At Week 16, tralokinumab 300mg Q2W improved EASI and PROs in adolescents with AD, with progressive and sustained improvement seen up to Week 52.


1. Paller AS et al. JAMA Dermatol. 2023;159(6):596–605

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