Tapinarof Cream 1% Once Daily Improves Patient-Reported Outcomes in the Treatment of Mild to Severe Plaque Psoriasis in the Head and Neck Region

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George Michael Lewitt
Linda Stein Gold
Benjamin Lockshin
Philip M. Brown
Katherine Tillman
Nancy Fitzgerald
Brandon Kirsch
Anna M. Tallman
Abel Jarell


Tapinarof cream 1% once daily, head and neck psoriasis, head & neck region, plaque psoriasis, mild to severe, patient reported outcomes, PROs, DLQI, PP-NRS, pruritus


Introduction: Tapinarof cream 1% (VTAMA®, Dermavant Sciences, Inc.) is a non-steroidal, topical aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonist approved for the treatment of plaque psoriasis in adults with no restrictions on location, extent, or duration of use. In the phase 3 PSOARING trial program, tapinarof cream 1% once daily (QD) for the treatment of plaque psoriasis was efficacious and well tolerated. Plaque psoriasis affecting the head and neck region occurs commonly, with a high impact on patients’ health-related quality of life, through pruritus and psychological distress. Patients may consider topicals unacceptable for scalp/facial use due to poor cosmetic properties (e.g., greasiness), leading to low medication adherence. There is a need for efficacious, cosmetically elegant, non-steroidal topicals that can be used without restrictions.
Objective: To assess patient-reported outcomes (PROs) with tapinarof cream for adults with mild to severe plaque psoriasis in the head and neck region, including the scalp, in a phase 4, open-label trial.
Adults with head and neck region target lesion Physician Global Assessment (tPGA) score of 2 (mild), 3 (moderate), or 4 (severe) received tapinarof for 12 weeks. PROs included Peak Pruritus Numerical Rating Scale (PP-NRS) score for the head and neck region; achievement of ≥4-point reduction in PP-NRS score; Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) score by visit; and responses to a Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire© (PSQ) at Week 12.
: 31 patients received tapinarof; 58.1% (18/31) had the target lesion on the scalp. Baseline mean PP-NRS (head and neck region) and total DLQI scores were 5.8 and 9.7, respectively, demonstrating significant pruritus and disease impact. Improvement in mean PP-NRS score was demonstrated at Week 1 (–1.6), the earliest assessment, surpassing the minimal clinically important ≥4-point improvement by Week 12 (−4.2). At Week 12, 70.0% (n=14/20) achieved ≥4-point reduction in PP-NRS score. Mean DLQI minimal clinically important difference of −4.0 was demonstrated as early as Week 1 (−4.0), improving to −7.2 at Week 12. Most patients strongly agreed or agreed with PSQ questions assessing satisfaction with cosmetic elegance (93.3%), quick absorption (96.7%), application ease (86.7%), efficacy (83.3%), and confidence in tapinarof (83.3%). Compared with topicals used previously for plaque psoriasis, most strongly agreed or agreed that tapinarof was more effective (76.9%) and easier to use (76.9%).
In patients with plaque psoriasis affecting the head and neck region, tapinarof cream 1% QD demonstrated rapid and clinically meaningful improvements in patient-reported pruritus and disease impact as early as Week 1, the first assessment, with continued improvement through Week 12. Patients reported high rates of satisfaction and positive perceptions of tapinarof.
Funding Support: Dermavant Sciences, Inc.


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Lahaina, Hawaii, USA.

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