Application of Lean Six Sigma in Dermatology Practice

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Kaycee Nguyen
Parneet Dhaliwal, DO
Clay J. Cockerell MD, MBA, JD


lean six sigma, lean, six sigma, quality improvement, dermatology


The Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodology integrates two quality improvement techniques to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and improve the quality of processes and products within an organization. While it has found application in various healthcare settings, to the best of our knowledge, there is currently no literature addressing its utilization in a community dermatology clinic. This study aimed to identify efficiency issues within a local dermatology clinic and implement targeted strategies to bolster collaboration, streamline processes, reduce wait times, augment patient volume, and enhance clinical outcomes and the quality of care. Five areas for improvement were identified: the building complex, front office, EMA system, medical assistants, and general improvements. The executed changes effectively standardized multiple processes, mitigated the potential for errors, and minimized task duration. These findings underscore the efficacy of LSS as a potent tool for enhancing efficiency and reducing waste. Efforts should be directed toward the incorporation of LSS techniques for quality improvement within healthcare systems, both internally and across interconnected entities.


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