Verrucous Cyst in a 7-year-old Girl Verrucous cyst

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Ehiaghe Anaba
Mumini Wemimo Rasheed


verrucous cyst, cyst, wart


Background: Verrucous cyst is an uncommon manifestation of human papilloma virus infection. Diagnosis is histopathological and characterized by verrucous changes in an epidermal cyst. This is a report of verrucous cyst in a seven (7) year old girl who had an asymptomatic nodule on her hand.

Case Report:  7-year old girl who had a nodule on the palmar surface of her left hand. A clinical diagnosis of foreign body granuloma was made. Biopsy and histopathology was consistent with a verrucous cyst 

Conclusion: The need for histopathological evaluation of skin growths is highlighted by this case report.



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