Eyelid Calcinosis Cutis

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Carlie Reeves


calcinosis cutis, dystrophic calcification, milia-like idiopathic calcinosis cutis, eyelid, sub epidermal calcified nodule


A healthy 13-year-old African American male presented with a lesion on the eyelid that demonstrated features of calcinosis cutis. Histologic examination revealed a central dilated milia cyst with scores of tiny calcium deposits in the adjacent dermis. The eyelid is an uncommon location for calcinosis cutis to manifest, but it has been reported in the literature, particularly in children of ethnic descent. The history obtained from the patient, as well as the histological and literature findings, are suggestive of dystrophic calcinosis cutis occurring on the eyelid in the setting of a ruptured milia cyst or comedone.


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