Phase 2 study of cemiplimab in patients with locally advanced basal cell carcinoma after hedgehog inhibitor therapy: Long-term follow-up

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Alexander J Stratigos
Aleksandar Sekulic
Ketty Peris
Oliver Bechter
Sorilla Prey
Martin Kaatz
Karl D Lewis
Nicole Basset-Seguin
Anne Lynn S Chang
Stéphane Dalle
Almudena Fernandez Orland
Lisa Licitra
Caroline Robert
Claas Ulrich
Axel Hauschild
Michael R Migden
Reinhard Dummer
Suk-Young Yoo
Ebony Coates
Emmanuel Okoye
Ioannis Bassukas
Carmen Loquai
Vincenzo De Giorgi
Zeynep Eroglu
Ralf Gutzmer
Jens Ulrich
Susana Puig
Frank Seebach
Israel Lowy
Matthew G Fury




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