Pemphigus Foliaceous after COVID-19 Infection and Bamlanivimab Infusion

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Katelyn Urban
Rachel L. Giesey
Gregory R. Delost


pemphigus foliaceus, COVID-19, sars-cov-2


We report a case of pemphigus foliaceous (PF) in the setting of bamlanivimab, a novel monoclonal antibody for the treatment of COVID-19. PF is a rare autoimmune blistering disease caused by autoantibodies directed against desmoglein-1 (DSG1). Drugs and viruses have been implicated as inciting factors of pemphigus in predisposed patients. Given the current pandemic, the presentation of PF following COVID-19 infection and bamlanivimab infusion is of special interest and further investigation may be warranted.


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