Zosteriform lichen planus as a manifestation of Wolf’s isotopic response

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George Glinos
Madeline Hooper
G. Eli Morey
Lucai Seminario-Vidal


Lichen planus, Wolf's isotopic response, herpes zoster



Wolf’s isotopic response has been described in association with malignancy, infections, and inflammatory disorders. Lichenoid tissue reactions are a rare but recognized example of this phenomenon; only 41 cases of zosteriform lichen planus exist in publication. This case adds to the minimal literature describing lichenoid inflammatory dermatosis compatible with Wolf’s isotopic response.



Literature review and case description.



A man in his 30s with a history of herpes zoster presented with a pruritic rash on his left arm. Clinical and histopathological evaluation were consistent with lichen planus in the distribution of a healed herpes zoster rash. The skin lesions improved after six weeks of treatment with clobetasol 0.05% ointment twice daily.



The presentation of lichen planus as Wolf’s isotopic response is uncommon, but responsive to standard topical therapy.


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