Atypical Targetoid Lesions as the Presenting Sign of Myeloid Sarcoma

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Eduardo Adrian Rodriguez
Edward Visnaw
Frank Petr
Huma Siddiqui


Myeloid sarcoma, Targetoid


Myeloid sarcoma (MS), also known as chloroma or granulocytic sarcoma, is a rare extramedullary tumor mass that commonly occurs in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). MS may occur before other clinical signs of AML, or alongside other known AML symptoms. MS can also appear in isolation, which makes diagnosis challenging. Clinical knowledge about a typical presentation of myeloid sarcoma is limited, given the heterogeneity in the location and size of MS lesions. We describe a patient with a history of AML who developed an eruption of atypical targetoid purpuric lesions. Diagnostic workup, including laboratory and histologic specimen from the skin were consistent with MS. MS should be suspected in a patient with a history of myeloproliferative disorder who develops atypical targetoid purpuric papules.


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